The Adinkra Group has partnered with African Ancestry for years to help people of African descent restore and reclaim their identity. Our leader, Diallo Sumbry, also partners with African Ancestry as Director of Partnerships and co-created African Ancestry Family Reunions.
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African Ancestry - Trace Your DNA. Find Your Roots. Today.

As the pioneers of genetic ancestry tracing for Black people globally, we can reconnect you to your specific African roots-the country and the people. Our strength is based on owning the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of African DNA.

Ghana Web

The Adinkra Group is proud to partner with Ghanaweb on our weekly talk show Diaspora Link exploring the journeys of Diasporans who have made the transition to live on the continent of Africa. Check out Diaspora Link exclusively on GhanaWeb TV.

Africa Reconnect

We are in alignment with the mission of Africa Reconnect and proud partners in providing leadership and acting as Agents of Change in the creation of a Universal Global Africa.

Black Star Travel Group

Black Star Travel Group is more than a travel group but a movement of people who travel together. The Adinkra Group is proud to partner with Back Star Travel Group in helping to offer curated concierge style global travel experiences.

Exploring legacy

We are proud partners with Exploring Legacy in helping to provide experiential & spiritual tours and sacred ancestral healing experiences that empower visitors to explore African culture and heritage.

She Grows It

We partner with She Grows It, a full service consulting and investment migration advisory firm to provide comprehensive strategies on how to mobilize human, natural, and financial resources to achieve (Sustainable Development Goals) SDGs, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), and Millennium Develop Goals (MDG) orders for the Durable District Development (DDD) Campaign for Nyame Bekyere.

Ghana Tourism Authority

In 2017 we signed an MOU with the Ghana Tourism Authority and helped the country create Ghana’s Year of Return 2019. It was because of this effort, our leader was named Ghana’s First African American Tourism Ambassador.

Invest Africa 54 Ltd - Who we are & What we do

Invest Africa 54 (IA54) is a private investment platform that specializes in connecting investors with high-growth potential companies on the African continent. Our mission is to provide investors with access to well-vetted investment opportunities and to serve as a trusted consultancy for companies and individuals seeking guidance on how to do business in Africa.