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The Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio (ACAS)

... provides classes, workshops and events specific to the arts of the African diaspora located in the heart of the Gateway Arts District in Mt. Rainier, MD at the bottom of the 34th street hill just above the roundabout ACAS comprises 3802 – 3808 34th Street – 3500 square feet of space dedicated to promoting, teaching and presenting art of the African Diaspora.

Experience FARFINA KAN

FARAFINA KAN is the Sound of Africa

An intergenerational West African drum and dance company that offers a passport to the beauty of Africa through performances, workshops, residencies, and in-studio classes.



We sponsor trips to Africa. Our Birthright Journeys are cultural immersion trips to various countries in Africa where we introduce you to Africa up close and personal. The Journey begins at our annual concert in DC.

The Adinkra Group

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