Discover Your Birthright

Rediscover Your Heritage

Join the Adinkra Group for a birthright journey —  an unmissable cultural adventure across Africa where you will discover your ancient heritage and your birthright.

We are Africa. And you can be too

If you are of African descent, you will have roots in the motherland, and it is our mission to help you rediscover them.

A rich and vibrant culture awaits, spanning thousands of years.

What makes us proud:

We are Africa first

We believe the empowerment of African people in the diaspora requires a connection with Africa.

Black-owned business

We are a proudly black-owned business and work hard to promote the wellbeing of our kin at home and abroad.

We guide people home

It is our absolute joy to reconnect people of African descent with their rich heritage and birthright.

Your legacy is greater than you know.

A diaspora is a large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since moved out to places all over the world.

With our Birthright Journey , you will learn where you came from and who you are.

Discover the magnificence of Africa

Immerse in a culture like no other

Walk the path of your proud ancestors

Reflect on a deep and ancient history

Meet amazing and exceptional people

Sample our delicious cuisine

Marvel at Africa’s unrivalled beauty

Reclaim your heritage and birthright

What our adventurers say:

Samkele Vundla
Jamila Ajanku Willie
Jason Jones

Get your copy of

A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide.

A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide by Diallo Sumbry – Ghana’s first African American Tourism Ambassador – is an honest blend of personal experiences, lessons, and practical tips that provide a timely contribution to the “Back to Africa” renaissance sparked by Ghana’s 2019 Year of Return.

A Smart Ghana Repatriation Guide offers the reader an accompanying virtual experience with each chapter through the use of scannable QR codes imbedded in the text. The book features contributions from several guest authors, whose unique perspectives lend color and credibility to this most useful resource.

All Birthright Journey participants get a FREE copy, or you can make a standalone purchase.

Ready to begin your Birthright Journey?

Birthright Journeys are curated cultural immersion journeys to Ghana centred on reclaiming identity, exploring cultural heritage, and celebrating the resilience of African people. They are created specifically for people of African descent who have a longing to return home to Africa.

Our journeys range between 10 – 14 days with a maximum of 30 people per journey and minimum of one. All Birthright Journeys are created and curated custom for the specific travellers.