Three Generationz

Three Generationz is an Afro-Native Theater Company dedicated to the preservation of Native American and African song, dance and storytelling. This exciting troupe of exceptional vocal musicians hale from the Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek and Black Foot Nations. They combine the elements of song, history, language, rhythm, culture and dance to create an entertaining, educational, spiritually elevated performance full of audience participation.

Three Generationz is a family company formed in 1997 by the beloved medicine keeper and visionary Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman. Steeped in Mississippi Choctaw roots, Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman taught the family to use the energy of sound to nourish the emotions, cleanse the spirit and wake up the collective ancestral memory.  The lead vocalists of Three Generationz currently are, Wapajea Walks On Water, Maimouna Youssef and Navasha Daya of Fertile Ground.  Three Generationz also has an extensive community of artists who often perform with them to add layered musical, theatrical, and traditional Native American and/or African dance components to the presentation.  In addition to live vocal performances, Three Generationz offers motivational speaking, spiritual counseling, and workshops on women’s empowerment and the importance of traditional ceremony in today’s metropolitan environments.  Three Generationz also offers 15-45 minute interactive presentations for children of all ages in public and private schools. In these presentations, Three Generationz carries their audience on a magical cloud back in time using the tools of culture to teach oneness, good problem solving, decision- making skills and a heightened sense of self-confidence.

Three Generationz repertoire begins with the traditional stories and songs of our collective African beginnings, moving gently into the chants, songs, stories, and dance of Native American ancestors on Turtle Island. Each member of the company presents what their generation has to offer showing the beauty from Field Hollers and Stomp Dance songs, to original songs with Blues and Hip Hop influence and everything in between leaving the audience spellbound.