Spyda the Dj

Born in Barbados, now living in Washington, DC, Spyda the dj is well respected by others DJ’s, club owners, promoters and partygoers alike for his ability to seamlessly move from record to record and always play the right tunes at the right time. Growing up in Barbados, Spyda was highly influenced by a local DJ named the Music Surgeon. Although Spyda never learned directly from him, he received the courage to pursue something that had already been running through his veins. Spyda will tell you that entertainment was always around him growing up, like a way of life, so he knew he was destined to be an entertainer. Spyda’s grandfather had a wealth of records which allowed him to get an early start. As a youth, Spyda would constantly take apart and put back together anything that made noise and had to be plugged in. As a school boy, Spyda ran the PA system at school, which afforded him the opportunity entertain his peers and test his skills at what would become a career. These humble beginnings are the foundation of the music surgeon known as Spyda.

Moving to America, Spyda always knew he would be a professional entertainer. Spyda credits Nemesis Sound Station, Nferno, Sprang International and the Legendary Supreme Team (Spyda lauds Ron Supreme of the Supreme Team for giving him the name Spyda) with providing further inspiration to begin “spinning” music professionally along the East Coast of America. Since his start Spyda, has continued to rise in the ranks as one of the best DJs in the Washington, DC area. He’s played at practically every big and small venue in the Washington, DC area and continues to be requested by some of the top promoters in the city. Spyda is extremely versatile. Although his heart is with Caribbean music, in one set, Spyda can take you around the world with Reggae, Soca, Latin, African High Life, Hip Hop, R & B, House and have you back in time for breakfast. Spyda can found playing music for various events from embassy mixers to club parties.  Do yourself a favor, check him out the next time you see him spinning and get caught in the music web.