About Us

The Adinkra Group is a Cultural Edutainment Resource and Consulting company based in Washington, DC.  Our approach to entertainment is designed to inform, educate and entertain diverse audiences with a high level of professionalism, artistry and integrity.  We believe we are serving our life’s purpose with this work and most importantly, WE KNOW HOW TO ROCK THE HOUSE!!!

Our premiere services include Artist Management and Cultural Edutainment and Event Resource consulting.  At The Adinkra Group we believe in partners rather than customers.  Our top priority is to provide high quality professional services and project execution.  Our cornerstone operational values are teamwork, process, constant improvement, continual learning, and communication.  We invite you to share our site, book our artists, or engage our services for your next project or event.  Take care, and remember:

Everybody can’t do everything, but if everybody does something, then everything will get done.

In Service,

The Adinkra Group


About Adinkra

“The transliteration of the word adinkra means a message one gives to another when departing.  Adinkra symbols reflect traditional mores and specific communal values, philosophical concepts, codes of conduct, and the social standards of the Akan people [of Ghana, West Africa].  Adinkra symbols have multilayered meanings and levels of interpretation.  The symbols reflect Akan common wisdom relating to the notion God, quality of human relations, the spirituality of life and the inevitability of death.  They tend to represent uplifting. motivating and character building attributes of the individual.” – W. Bruce Willis, The Adinkra Dictionary:  A Visual Primer on the Language of Adinkra